First blog post

So I have finally started this blog it is something that I have thought about for a couple of years when a close friend started vlogging on you tube.

I feel that this may be a way to drag me out of the massive black hole I feel I am currently in. With loads of family dramas I think I bring on myself to dark thoughts that raise into my head without my understanding why they are there. I have a ok life I work, I have a grown up son who I adore, a partner that can sometimes fuel my anxiety big time.

If you see me on a normal day you would think wots this woman moaning about she’s a happy go lucky person that has a heart of gold and would help anyone if they needed it but looks can be deceiving inside I worry if I am doing the right thing, the wot if and buts if it goes wrong, generally all the negative things that comes with anxiety.

So please feel free to give me some advice or a massive kick up the arse cause I am sure that’s wot I need sometimes !!!


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