Sad πŸ˜”

So within the last week my anxiety has gone through the roof been signed off for 2 weeks but I think it’s gonna take longer to sort myself out. the docs have taken me off my anxiety meds and are giving me diazepam until I can start new medication which will hopefully be next week but I know it takes longer to get in your system.

It’s been a long time coming as looking back now I don’t think I have been well for at least 4 months as always my loyal pup 🐢 is constantly by my side checking I am ok licking me if I sleep for too long and generally just being my Guardian angel.

Life in general feels really shit at the mo with all the uncertainty at work to the constant grey depressing weather to even doing some house work I really need to try upping my game to get some sort of normality back in my life any suggestions would be greatly received!!😘😘😘


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